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Video spotlight: Journey On

I love a good fishing road trip. With the right company and a handful of rivers between you and the destination, there might not be a better way to spend a week. Last spring, my fishing buddies Steve Zakur and Mike Sepelak flew into Idaho Falls and we packed the trusty FJ full of gear and headed north to fish the Missouri with a couple more friends. Stops along the way at the Henry’s Fork and the Warm River broke the trip up a bit, and the ride home was highlighted by stops on a few more Montana streams.

We were temporarily sated, but, as we fly fishers tend to be, we eagerly await the next big adventure. There’s something therapeutic about keeping the car between the lines, singing along to classic rock and, now then, casting to willing trout in new places. And, of course, there’s enduring new challenges that come with these adventures, no matter how well-planned they are. That’s what road trips are all about.

That’s why I found this film by a couple of eager Maine fly fishers who ventured across the country to fish Montana for an entire summer a real treat. New places. New water. New fish. There isn’t a word in the language that adequately describes the feeling of casting for the first time to rising fish in a place you’ve only dreamed of.

Enjoy the movie. And get busy planning your next adventure.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.