Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Making it Yours

Participating in the Wyoming Cutt Slam Challenge is not just about catching the four native species of cutthroat trout in the Cowboy State. It is about making lifelong memories with special people while attempting to catch the fish.

On a recent Seedskadee Trout Unlimited member fishing trip Reid Odde reflected on his experience of completing the Cutt Slam with his dad. Watch “Making It Yours” to hear why he wish he had filmed his efforts to complete the Slam with his father.

The Buckin’ Fish Film contest, being held by the Seedskadee Chapter of Trout Unlimited, provides the perfect excuse to shoot video of these special times. Even if you don’t end up winning the contest, you will have provided documentation of what fishing is all about to you.

There are many different reasons to grab a fishing rod and hit the water, but not everyone does it for the same reason. Whether you like to hike into the backcountry and enjoy a day of solitude or you prefer setting up camp with your friends and family and spending quality time on the water. Let the world know what makes fishing so important to you.

Read this previous blog on the contest for all the details.

— Christian Chavez, Seedskadee Trout Unlimited

By Brett Prettyman.