Video spotlight

Video spotlight: National Monuments and Sportsmen

When the Trump administration indicated it would review all national monuments for size, scope and appopriateness earlier this year, one group of American hailing from all points on the political spectrum stood up and denounced the idea. That group? Sportsmen and women.

We understand that national monuments that set aside land to protect everything from ancient ruins to prime fish and game habitat are part of America’s great public lands heritage. These places have been identified as the best of the best—the shiniest jewels in America’s public lands system.

(Video courtesy Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Steven Rinella)

Today, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is supposed to unveil his recommendations in regards to the review conducted over the summer. Sportsmen and women from all over America are asking that our national monuments be left alone, and that the Antiquities Act used to designate prime public lands as national monuments be kept intact and used wisely to preserve and protect America’s wild heritage.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.