Video spotlight

Video spotlight: New England Mountain Fly Fishing

Being a western guy with roots in the Rockies, my angling experience in the mountains of New England is pretty limited. I did spend a great afternoon several years ago chasing fat rainbows in Connectictut’s upper Farmington River before being chased away by a rainstorm, and I got to fish some Adirondack streams for native brook trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon more recently. In both cases, I found the fishing to be quite good, even by Rocky Mountain standards.

But, aside from these adventures and a few days spent many years ago on the Housatonic, I’m largely unfamiliar with the angling in the Appalachians that far north. The video above, though, gives me a bit of inspiration. I’d go back to New England to chase autumn trout, if for no other reason than that hardwood scenery. Here in the West, we have our cottonwood bottoms and alpine high country—a beauty all its own. But fly fishing among oak, maple and hickory is a pretty impressive endeavor, too, especially in the fall, when the leaves are ripening and ready to fall.


—Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.