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Video spotlight: Rio Grande Argentina

Oh, this is going to be good. If you’re a fan of fish porn at its most visceral, the trailer below to Todd Moen’s new film about fly fishing the Argentina stretch of Tierra de Fuego’s Rio Grande River ought to have you foaming at the mouth. This is perhaps the best destination fishery in South America, if not the world.

As Todd, who operates Catch Magazine, put it, when he was asked to accompany a Fly Shop trip to the far southern tip of the Western Hemisphere, “Yes, please. And thank you!” There, where 70,000 giant sea-run brown trout run into the Rio Grande to spawn, anglers travel from around the world to meet them. And who can blame them? It’s among the best sea-run brown trout fisheries on the planet, and the imagery is simply stunning.

This is just a tease. I can’t wait for the full film.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.