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Video spotlight: River Krusnica

Fly fishing trophy hunters are all about traveling to far-flung places to chase big fish. Heck, we just highlighted a pair of videos that focus on chasing giant browns and rainbows in New Zealand, where both species of trout are interlopers in Kiwi waters. And then there’s Patagonia, where big trout swim in rivers where they don’t naturally appear.

The video above focuses on a region where big fish—trophy browns and grayling—are caught quite often, and they’re caught in waters where they are native. Bosnia’s Krusnica River is stunning, as you’ll see, and the fish are no less impressive than their cousins who were shipped overseas centuries ago to slake anglers’ thirsts in countries like the U.S., New Zealand, Argentina and Chile. The message? Often, the trophies swim in your own backyard in the form of native fish.

It’s just up to you acknowledge that they’re there.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.