Video spotlight

Video spotlight: River of Life

Todd Moen’s latest fly-fishing film is a story of three women and their fights with breast cancer. It’s a sobering reminder that, while the “river of life” moves on, some of us fall victim to the cruelest of conditions.

And, yet, some find ways to persist, and for these three ladies, fly fishing proved to be their chosen avenue to recapture the zest in their lives that cancer took from them.

It’s a beautiful film, and, as usual, Todd does a great job capturing the essence of the craft and of the women who are fighting so hard to live. Sadly, one of the ladies featured, Carol LaBranche, died last year before the film could be completed. The final version above is in her memory, and in the memory of all of our mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and dearest of friends who have bravely battled breast cancer.

Thank you, Todd, for sharing such a poignant story. Nicely done.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.