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Video spotlight: Santa Cruz—Atlantic Steelhead

Steelhead? In the Atlantic?

In far southern Patagonia in Argentina’s Santa Cruz River, it’s a reality. Patagonia, of course, is perhaps the troutiest destination on the planet, and there’s a significant amount of irony in that statement, given that not a single salmonid is native to this sweeping region of mountains, deserts and rivers.

Tres Amigos – Atlantic Steelhead from The Reel on Vimeo.

The flim above shows that there are, indeed, big steelhead migrating into the Santa Cruz River from their adopted ocean, the Atlantic. As you’ll see, it’s a big river, and spey casting is the fly-fishing method of choice. It’s desolate country, roamed by guanaco and other desert critters that prefer life “in the middle of nowhere.”

Yes. There are steelhead in the Atlantic.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.