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Video spotlight: Slow Down the Fall

The video below may seem a bit poorly timed, what with spring springing all over the country, and its contents dealing largely with fly fishing in the fall.

But, just the other day, on blustery March afternoon, I lucked out and managed to get into a really prolific blue-winged olive hatch on the South Fork. A lot of folks associate BWOs with fall, and it’s true—they hatch magnificently under golden cottonwoods on cloudy, almost-winter days. But BWOs hatch all winter long if air and water temperatures can cooperate now and then.

Slow Down the Fall – Slow Motion Fly Fishing

And, they hatch in the spring. This short film—beautifully done, by the way—features some pretty impressive BWO footage. Enjoy, and don’t leave home without some size 20 BWOs in the box this spring.

— Chris Hunt

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