Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The African Tiger

Here in the Western Hemisphere, we’re just getting our heads around the notion of South American jungle fish, like golden dorado and massive peacock bass in the Amazon. There’s so much to explore … so many fly-rod targets worth experiencing.

But across the Atlantic and quite a ways south, the rivers of Africa are just as wild and thrilling. And maybe nothing stirs the predatory instinct in a fly fisher like a fish with teeth so big, they’re measured in inches. The tiger fish is perhaps Africa’s signature fly-rod target. There are bigger fish, like the Nile perch, but there isn’t much out there that looks… mean.

Check out the trailer to the new film, “The African Tiger,” above. It’ll make you want to brave the crocs and the hippos and … well, everything else that might like to take you out in the wilds of the Dark Continent. These fish hit hard, fight hard and, let’s be honest. That’s an awesome hero shot, right?

I’m looking forward to seeing the full version of this film by world-renowned angler and filmmaker Jako Lucas. Enjoy.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.