Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The Art of the Mini-adventure

Often, when we have kids, life takes a turn that leads us away from the outdoors and the adventures we experienced before they arrived and changed our lives. The video below from Orvis is a reminder that having children doesn’t mean we have to forego the fun we’ve always enjoyed outdoors.

Rather, as the video so aptly demonstrates, there may be no better time to get outside than with our kids. Instead of introducing to them to the Xbox or the iPhone, consider putting a paddle in their hands, or maybe a fishing rod. Take them with you—some of the most fun I had with my daughter was when she was a toddler and could fit snuggling into the “baby backpack” while I fished. After a while, she’d want to wander around on her own. Today, she’s a devoted Tenkara angler and would rather sleep in her hammock outside than in her bed.

Having kids doesn’t mean you’re done having adventures. It just means you need to train your new fishing buddies, so you can keep exploring.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.