Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The Big Eat

There’s some great video footage out there of fish hitting flies. Violent rises to subtle sips, trout are the champions of the “take,” although I’ve seen some pike attacks that make me wonder if there’s a video yet to be shot featuring these voracious predators.

The advent of drone videography, of course, has taken fly-fishing filmmaking to a new level. And thanks to the drone, we all get the rare chance to see a fish actually pursue and then attack a stripped streamer in the video below.

It’s unreal, honestly. A big Yakutia taimen simply mauls a streamer on the strip, just as the fly leaves the deeper water for the shallows. Like a lot of predators, these big Asian trout despise the idea of anything that looks like food actually getting away.

Kudos to Capt. Jack Productions and Jako Lucas for making it possible to actually see one of the coolest fish predators on earth attacking a fly. Not only have taimen made my list, but now I’m dying to see what other fish look like when they’re caught in the act by a drone.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.