Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The Dorado

What do you get when you send one of the world’s best-known steelhead anglers into the Bolivian jungle with a spey rod?

Some pretty impressive cinematography, to start. This is a land of wild rivers teeming with toothy fish, high-canopied jungles sheltering everything from jaguars to snakes as long as some of the dug-out canoes the locals use to navigate the waters in search of fish like the golden dorado.

And, of course, you get April Vokey, the real-deal angler who made a name for herself fishing and protecting the rivers in her native British Columbia, up to her hips in murky water expertly casting a long road across a river and hooking into leaping fish that will literally take your breath away.

Dorado are heart fish, and they live throughout these South American warm-water systems, from the estuaries of Argentina and Uraguay to the high jungles of Bolivia. No matter where they’re found, they are among the most-prized catches for fly anglers the world over. Enjoy the trailer to Vokey’s new film, and see a longer version at this year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.