Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The Double Haul

Years ago, just prior to going to the Bahamas for my first-ever flats trip, I must have watched the video below a hundred times. I was told by the folks I was fishing with that “You need to know how to double haul” if you’re going to chase bonefish on the flats.

Man, were they right. And, thanks to this great Orvis instructional video, I arrived in the Bahamas mostly prepared

But I had absolutely zero confidence in the cast. On a trip where the wind and the rain wreaked havoc on a group of half a dozen fly fishers, I never managed to bring a bone fish to hand. But I did get a great shot, laid out a decent cast and then … well, I trout-set the line and ripped the fly right out of the fish’s mouth. The instructional video I should have watched? “How to strip-set your line.”


— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.