Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The importance of proper positioning

Years ago, while fishing the Rio Grande in southern Colorado with Kirk Deeter, I was casting to a rising trout but getting foiled by contrary currents in the river. Drag kept, well, dragging me down. Kirk, a guide and now the editor of TROUT Magazine, gave me the simplest—yet most important—piece of advice I’ve ever received while fishing.

“Move your feet,” he said. And by that, he meant, “Put yourself in the best position to cast without all the drag and the conflicting currents. Minimize the obstacles.”

Above, in this great little Orvis video, the advice is the same. Sure, reach casts and mending can help you get a morenatural drift, but nothing works quite as well as actually putting you and your fly in the same drift pattern as the fish that’s working a current seam.

So, yes. Move your feet. Make it easier on yourself.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.