Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The North

It’s about that time … the itch among Atlantic salmon anglers is coming on pretty strong. While Atlantics in the U.S. are largely gone (but the outlook is brighter now than it was just a few years ago), anglers in Canada, the British Isles and Scandanavia are gearing up for another season spent chasing perhaps the perfect fly rod fish.

The video above should provide some inspiration. The featured anglers spent a week chasing bright Atlantic salmon under the midnight sun in northern Norway—Finnmark—and have the video to prove it.

Growing up out West, I’ve had the chance to catch all five species of Pacific salmon on the fly, but I’ve only managed to catch a handful of small, land-locked Atlantic salmon in some small waters of upstate New York. Catching these prized fish on the fly remains on my list. And this film just reminds me to keep that list handy.


— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.