Video spotlight

Video spotlight: The Sallee Boys

Ah, sibling rivalries. Anybody who has a brother or a sister understands exactly what it’s like to compete with those closest to you for everything from the food put on the table at night to the fish that come to hand.

Meet the Sallee brothers—one is a musician and the other is robotics application engineer. They fish together. And they compete, like most brothers do.

The folks at Old Town Canoe and Kayak put the video above together, and while it’s great to see these Tennessee boys cruising around in kayaks, it’s even better to witness the rivalry. Perhaps more importanly, their fly fishing provides a great way for them to spend time together chasing Tennessee tailwater trout. It reminds me of the times my brothers and I hit the high country of Colorado, braving snow, rain and Rocky Mountain weather, all to connect with a few fish… and each other.

Here’s to siblings. May the rivalries live on.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.