Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Touching the Sun

I bought a mountain bike last spring with the intent of riding some backcountry trails to fishy haunts, and while I got out a few times, I didn’t use it nearly enough. Maybe next summer.

It’s not an outlandish idea, biking to backcountry fishing. The video above shows two anglers who loaded their bike paniers with float tubes and fishing gear and hit the lakes of northern Minnesota for days, casting to willing trout. I’m not that hardcore (I just wore a bomb-proof Orvis Gale Force backpack), but it’s certainly doable and, by the looks of it, a lot of fun.

Throughout the country, bike trails offer anglers ready access to public lands. Park the truck at the end of the road and try taking two wheels into the woods. I bet you love it.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.