Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Tour de Tahoe

Combining fly fishing and mountain biking is certainly nothing new, but I’ve seen a few videos over the last several months that indicate this “bike-packing” into backcountry fly-fishing destinations is becoming more of “a thing” lately.

The video above is a good example of some of the biking and fishing opportunities that are available on public lands all over America—this one takes place, as the title indicates, on the Tahoe Rim Trail, and the riders visit a couple of mountain lakes in their quest to ride to South Lake Tahoe.

Sadly, the fish didn’t cooperate with the anglers, but the scenery is impressive. And, perhaps most importantly, the guys had fun.

I bought a new mountain bike last spring, and I’m even more inspired to get on it this coming season in hopes of finding some backcountry trout, two-wheel style.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.