Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Troutlandia

When you think of massive, trophy brown trout, the South Island of New Zealand might come to mind. Or the Rio Limay of Argentina might be on your list. But a small, Appalachian freestoner in Blue Ridge, Ga.? No. No way.

Well, the makers of the video above are living proof that you can visit this little stretch of trout paradise and latch into some truly massive trout. There are some big fish in the Southeast—granted, most are carefully stocked and nurtured over time, and most of this great water is situated on private land where the fishery can be tactfully manipulated. But if you’re a big-fish hunter, you might save yourself an around-the-world flight and check out this tiny slice of the Deep South. Judging from what I saw in the net, it might be worth it.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.