Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Urban Fly Fishing Berlin

First, forgive the subtitles, unless you speak German, of course.

Often we tend to forget that fly-rod worthy fish can live just about anywhere—the staff in Arlington, Va.’s headquarters office has turned chasing carp, gar and snakeheads in the Potomac into something of an obsession. And we know that great urban angling exists among the concrete, congestion and gangland grafitti of Los Angeles.

And, thanks to Tobia Cordes, we now know that Berlin offers more than just great German beer—it boasts a lively urban fishery, as seen above. Honestly, when I think of fly fishing, I think of cold, clear mountain streams, or crystaline flats that stretch to the horizon. But when you’re confined to the city for work, it’s worth knowing that just about any body of water is worth investigating.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.