Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Viva Libre

The Orvis Co. is one of America’s great success stories. Not only is it a conscientious corporation that works hard to understand what its customers want, but it does so with the understanding that, without intact habitat, clean water and access to wild country, its business model would be in trouble.

Orvis has been a contributor to Trout Unlimited’s success over the years, helping accomplish some real on-the-ground work that makes fishing better for TU members and Orvis customers alike.

But what about the people behind Orvis? Above is the absolutely gorgeous trailer to Orvis’ latest film, “Viva Libre,” the story of a father-son adventure on the water. It’s a subtle follow-up to Perk Perkins’ adventure in the 1970s when he and a buddy traveled the globe with an old Jeep and wrote a book about it. The flim is just a little window into the world of Perk and Simon Perkins that gives you an idea of what Orvis’ hearbeat is really like.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.