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Video spotlight: Welcome to Iceland

Good fly fishing films not only show good fly fishing. I think a good film is more than just great eats, tailwalking fish and unreal cinematography. I think a good film makes you think.

In the full version of “Welcome to Iceland,” (above), the German anglers who crafted the movie make a pretty big deal over the fact that releasing hooked fish in Germany is illegal. That’s right. No catch-and-release angling in Duetschland. In Iceland, where the film is obviously shot, these anglers seem to revel in the idea that Iceland’s iconic brown trout are too valuable to be caught just once. It’s an interesting topic for discussion, and one that is increasingly more common here in the States.

Is catch-and-release angling just a cruel bloodsport, as some of our native brothers and sisters across this great land note, (“Hey! How come you’re playing with your food?”), or is it what keeps fishing around North America viable? I think it’s the latter—in fact, I think catch-and-release angling, particularly for native trout, likely saved our pasttime.

Any thoughts?

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.