Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Women in Fly Fishing—Reflect

It’s International Women’s Day and, thanks to Todd Moen, we’re celebrating with the video below that exemplifies what fly fishing is all about. It’s non-denominational, non-discriminatory and wonderfully gender neutral. Women have been among the best fly fishers in the world for generartions, and I’m privileged to get to fish with a few at a pretty regular clip. I’m grateful to those who will join me on the water and share stories, jokes and a few beers now and then.

So, to the likes of Aileen Lane, Rachel Morgan, Michelle Babcock, Kris Millgate, Rebecca Garlock (and many more over the years), thanks for welcoming me into your company on occasion and reminding me what it takes to be a true angler. You’re the best of us, and I’m proud to know you. I’ll fish with you anytime you’ll let me.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.