Voices from the river

Voices from the River: Win a pair of Costa sunglasses

An angler looks for trout on Argentina’s Alumine River. What’s your best tip for seeing fish? Share and win a pair of Costa sunglasses.
By Kirk Deeter
Many of you have already noticed that TU is emphasizing “trout tips” for its members and friends. We figure, heck, if you all help us make fishing better in the rivers and lakes in America, the least we can do is offer some tips to help you catch them!
With over 150,000 TU members throughout the United States, we have a pretty deep pool to draw from. So it’s not just going to be me offering video tips on www.tu.org (though this little diddy is indeed the best, simplest, tip I ever learned to help my casting). This effort is also going to include tips in various forms and formats from the whole TU community.
In fact, you’ll soon see a TU book on tips called (you guessed it) Trout Tips, featuring little nuggets of straight-shot, hard earned info from TU members and staffers throughout the country. Do please check that one out… you’re going to like it.
We want to get you in the sequel!

So the deal, in this case, is pretty simple. One of the trickiest aspects of catching trout is knowing how to spot them, so you can pinpoint your casts. Seeing is believing, and seeing is often the key to catching. So we want you “visionary” trout anglers to give us your best tip. What’s the key to spotting trout?
Give it to us in three sentences or less. If you provide the best sight-fishing tip, we’ll give you a pair of Costa sunglasses. Enter by way of commenting on this post, and we will announce our winner in two weeks.
Have fun and good luck!
Kirk Deeter is the vice president of Trout Media and the editor of TROUT Magazine.

By Chris Hunt.