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British Columbia’s provincial government gave its approval for the Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell (KSM) Mine to move forward, concluding that Alaska’s salmon and water quality would suffer no ill effects as long as steps to mitigate pollution are followed. Many Alaskans strongly disagree.
Big changes are coming for the Tongass National Forest. Agency officials should seize the opportunity to make a clean break with their turbulent past, and do this as quickly as possible. Much good will come for all concerned by swiftly ceasing clearcut logging of old-growth forests.
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Fish Need Trees, Too
Today, the Tongass National Forest — at 17 million acres the largest national forest in the country — produces exponentially more value in fish than it does in timber. Salmon alone generate nearly a billion dollars. As for logging, it actually costs taxpayers more than $20 million annually for [ READ MORE... ]
Tourism is thriving in Alaska's Tongass National Forest. So why is the U.S. Forest Service slashing its investment in this growing, renewable industry?
Davis will speak about the Sacred Headwaters and how First Nations and others worked to protect this salmon stronghold -- the birthplace of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine Rivers -- from industrial development. The Sacred Headwaters is a stunning valley in northwest British Columbia that gives rise to [ READ MORE... ]
“What we do to contribute to the well-being of the salmon is to maintain their habitat. Science has taught us that good habitat means higher fish production, so we bank on that.”
“The Mendenhall offers world-class opportunities for our guests. They can experience a wide range of recreational activities within a dynamic and evolving landscape,” said Jeremy Gieser, director of tours and marketing with Gastineau Guiding Company, one 21 tourism companies permitted to operate at [ READ MORE... ]
"We cannot afford to sit quietly as these mines are being developed on an accelerated timeline. The risk of pollution in the form of acid mine drainage is very real, while the benefit of these mines to Alaska is basically zero. We are asking the Alaska delegation to see that the State Department [ READ MORE... ]
Monica Zappa, a first-time Iditarod competitor, is battling tough trail conditions as she makes her way to the finish line in Nome. Zappa is dedicating her race toward raising awarness about the threats to Bristol Bay wild salmon from the proposed Pebble mine.
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Mushing to Save Bristol Bay
“Salmon are a key part of the Alaska lifestyle whether you eat them, catch them or feed them to your dogs. Salmon are what fuel my dog team and it’s what will take us, hopefully, all the way to Nome. I’m so inspired by the people of Bristol Bay who are fighting so diligently to protect their salmon [ READ MORE... ]