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Video spotlight: Tour de Tahoe
Combining fly fishing and mountain biking is certainly nothing new, but I've seen a few videos over the last several months that indicate this "bike-packing" into backcountry fly-fishing destinations is becoming more of "a thing" lately. 
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Fly tying: Why use a rotary vise?
I've been tying (well, some would call it that, anyway) for a good 20 years, and while I tie generally for necessity and a bit of the pleasure that keeps me connected to fly fishing on days like today, when it's all of 9 degrees outside, I'm not terribly accomplished at the vise. 
The primal rainforests of the Amazon basin are slowly revealing their fishy treasures to fly anglers the world over. We're seeing more video footage of everything from golden dorado to the mighty arapaima.  But the fish that started it all is likely the decorated peacock bass.
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Fly Tying: The Yellow Humpy
My favorite backcountry attractor dry fly might be the venerable humpy. Tied in yellow or red (or even "royal" fashion), the Humpy is a high-floating dry fly that imitates a host of bugs, from larger mayflies to caddis, but doesn't exactly resemble anything in particular. It just looks buggy.
I'm seeing more jig hooks on shelves in fly shops than I ever have before. For a while, I thought maybe it was just a fad ... a passing trend.
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Video spotlight: Three runs
Russia's Ponoi River might be the last, best place on earth to catch wild Atlantic salmon on the fly in appreciable numbers. And the river's fish are incredibly resilient, largely due to the fact that their habitat is largely intact.
Editor's note: The following is exerpted from TU's book, "Trout Tips," available online for overnight delivery.