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Many hands make great work
Our revegetation work day included upwards of 20 staff and volunteers and, in several hours, we spread 600 pounds of fertilizer, 1,350 pounds of Biochar (a charcoal-based material that helps the soil retain nutrients and water) and 4,200 pounds of compost across the site. This was a tough day of [ READ MORE... ]
Here were ancient pictures scratched into black, volcanic boulders by humans who hunted and lived here many hundreds or thousands of years ago. They had long vanished into the mists of time, but they had left these untouched images for whatever eyes came after. The petroglyphs depicted bear paws, [ READ MORE... ]
Looking at the degraded stretch left Bruchez wondering, “What happened to our river?” So, a few years ago, he decided to do something about it. He talked with his neighbors about not just fixing their irrigation systems but actually fixing the river. Instead of replumbing the irrigation down to [ READ MORE... ]
So how is Trout Unlimited doing with its collaborative, pragmatic approach to conservation? Look no further than the latest round of the Bureau of Reclamation’s WaterSmart grants, which recognize innovative, cooperative efforts to improve watershed health. Trout Unlimited’s name is all over this [ READ MORE... ]
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A fresh look at infrastructure
Through the Liquid Assets effort, TU and project partners will provide capital for ranchers to convert to sustainable ranching practices and for farmers to improve water use through crop switching or irrigation system improvements. By boosting both water savings and farm and ranch profits, we can [ READ MORE... ]
As I write this, the administration has issued an unprecedented executive order to review many of the West’s national monuments, including the Rio Grande del Norte, to determine whether they deserve designation. They’re considering delisting or scaling back some of the monuments. It’s a [ READ MORE... ]
Overall, the Trump budget proposes cutting EPA by 30 percent—a devastating and demoralizing blow for an EPA staff already understaffed and overwhelmed.
Colorado lawmakers last year passed legislation marking the third Saturday of May (May 20 this year) as Colorado Public Lands Day—the first state in the nation to establish its own public lands holiday. It’s a chance for Coloradans to acknowledge the many benefits of public lands in our state—and [ READ MORE... ]
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Protecting Gold Medal waters
“The process of commenting on these federal land actions can feel bureaucratic and can be tedious,” said Tyler Baskfield, sportsmen coordinator for Colorado who drafted comments for TU pertaining to the May 2017 Oil and Gas Lease Sale. “But it is critical that we address federal land actions from a [ READ MORE... ]
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A dynamic vision of trout
A technician uses an antenna and radio receiver to locate fish in Milk Creek.