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    Stay tuned for TROUT cover poster

    People ask me all the time what I like most about being editor of TROUT magazine. I love working with so many great writers and photographers. But if I had to single one thing out, it would be picking covers.  My favorite cover is the one we did this spring with artist Alana Louise Lyons. We…

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    The popper-dropper? You bet

    My friend Rob McConnell is the Texas equivalent of a Rocky Mountain creek freak -- a kindred soul if you will ... a fellow traveler. But, instead of searching out small, out-of-the-way cutthroat trout streams in little-traveled reaches of high-elevation backcountry, he combs the precious few acres of public lands in East Texas for swampy…

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    Will more anglers bring more awareness to invasive species?

    brook trout

    The COVID pandemic has led millions of Americans to connect with water—especially via fishing and boating—within the past two years. That can be great, as families discover (or rediscover) the healthy benefits of outdoor recreation. And with a bit of encouragement and support, hopefully we can dramatically grow the ranks of those who advocate for…

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    The Gurgler: The under-utilized foam fly

    I'm headed to East Texas this week for some bass and panfish fishing in some of the region's swampier areas, and I've done some tying over the last few days to make sure I'm armed with "all the right stuff." But I didn't feel like I was ideally equipped until I tied up a handful…

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    ‘To thine ownself be true’

    The Roan Plateau in northwest Colorado. Sharing creates advocates, while oversharing creates problems “To share or not to share…” If Hamlet were a fly fisher instead of just an angst-ridden 30-something pining for his dead father, this might have been what he uttered as he pondered the value of his own life. For, much like…