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    Yellowstone increases fishing, boating fees to help combat invasive species

    Beginning this season, fees for fishing and boating permits in Yellowstone National Park will increase. Anglers can now purchase fishing permits online via Permits for the upcoming season can also be acquired in-park stores and surrounding communities beginning this spring. The fee increases are substantial. Fishing permit fees will rise from $18 to $40 for a three-day permit; from…

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    What’s your remedy for stinky waders?

    Hang 'em up? Febreze? Voodoo incantations? Let us know! Brett Prettyman: Wait, there is a way to deal with stinky waders? Why didn’t anybody tell me? Through the years several companies have sent me a miracle product they claim will remove the smells that build up in waders over time. None of them worked. The only thing I’ve…

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    Aim small, miss small

    My son, Paul, and I are elk and deer hunters. A few years back, we had the good fortune of meeting up at the rifle range with our friend Matthew (last name anonymous because he’s working a high-level security detail now) who is a former SAS sniper. He spent two days coaching us on the details of precision shooting.  We went over everything from breath control, to the delicate process of…