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    What’s your remedy for stinky waders?

    Hang 'em up? Febreze? Voodoo incantations? Let us know! Brett Prettyman: Wait, there is a way to deal with stinky waders? Why didn’t anybody tell me? Through the years several companies have sent me a miracle product they claim will remove the smells that build up in waders over time. None of them worked. The only thing I’ve…

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    Aim small, miss small

    My son, Paul, and I are elk and deer hunters. A few years back, we had the good fortune of meeting up at the rifle range with our friend Matthew (last name anonymous because he’s working a high-level security detail now) who is a former SAS sniper. He spent two days coaching us on the details of precision shooting.  We went over everything from breath control, to the delicate process of…

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    A clean fly line makes for a clean cast

    When I was younger, I put myself through college mowing lawns. I worked for a great guy who built a solid business trailing lawn mowers all over the Denver suburbs and unleashing a team of college and high-school kids to get the work done.  But every Monday morning, instead of meeting at some Cherry Hills…