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    How to stay safe while fishing in the winter

    This time of the year is a great time to be out chasing trout. Winter doesn’t have to get in the way of that

    A girl fly fishes in the winter.

    A year ago or so, here in eastern Idaho and on the rivers of Yellowstone Country, it was brutally cold. I remember one night, I huddled next to the fire inside while, outside, the mercury bottomed out at minus-22 degrees. It was a bit early to be seeing such cold weather, but if you’re going…

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    Introducing ‘Tying One On,’ with TU’s own Nick Halle

    Like a lot of us, his passion is fly fishing, and, like a lot of us, he ties his own flies

    At TU, many of us live to fish. For many of us here at the organization, the art of angling is what drew us to the need to protect the trout and salmon that we spend much of our lives chasing. Nick Halle is no different. As a volunteer operations coordinator, Nick is well-known among…

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    How to practice a straight cast

    One of the biggest challenges for new anglers is casting accuracy. With all the perceived nuances to casting among new fly fishers, it can sometimes seem daunting to place a fly generally where they want it. Truth be told — and those who have fly fished for a time can attest — those nuances aren't…

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    Tying the Douglas Salmon Camp Swinger

    Articulated streamers are quickly becoming some of my favorite patterns to tie at the vise. They are deadly for big trout, bass, pike and even salmon and steelhead, and, contrary to my original impression, they're actually pretty easy to craft. Below, Tim Flagler ties an articulated streamer designed for the lake-run salmon, steelhead and brown…

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    A day on Yellowstone’s storied Firehole River

    The Firehole River above Firehole Falls was once a fishless ribbon of water sourced largely from hot springs, geysers and primordial seeps that pushed to the surface from the bowels of the planet.

    An angler fishes the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.

    Words by Chris Hunt, photos by Sam Davidson and Chris Hunt Two centuries ago, before European-Americans pushed west and started displacing indigenous people and indigenous wildlife, the rivers and streams of the Rockies teamed with trout, char, whitefish and grayling. Sam Davidson drifts a nymph through a fishy run on the upper Firehole River. But…

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    Blues and fly fishing: two intertwined pursuits

    How are the blues and fishing intertwined? Check this out

    An angler fishes the salt off of Vancouver Island.

    I have been a lifelong musician and fisherman, but it wasn't until I really  seriously started fly fishing that I realized how closely the two pursuits are intertwined.  Becoming a blues musician has been a lifelong learning process that never seems to end. I can say the same for my fly fishing life. By the time I…

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    Tying the Sweet Pea

    This time of year, I really love to fish double-nymph rigs, using a heavier bug as the lead fly and trailing behind it a smaller fly, but maybe something a little more impressionistic than what I might expect to see in the river. For instance, with lower flows here on the South Fork of the…