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    As Zen and Cool as it gets

    A rod in action casting

    The outsize conservation legacy of a garage bamboo rod builder.   Bill Lamberson started making his first bamboo rod in 1981. He didn’t finish it until 1998.   Now, from his garage-shop in Columbia, Missouri, he makes about one bamboo rod per month.   Bill Lamberson fishing bamboo with success - Photo courtesy of Noppadol Paothong, Missouri Department…

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    Be well. Fish on.

    When this group gets together, it’s much more than a fishing trip.

    Three men stand by a river looking at the same thing

    "Be well. Fish on." Stewart Brown wrote those words with his finger on the rear window of a friend’s dusty pick-up after a day of fishing in Colorado. It was three days before he would go into surgery for brain cancer. A few of his friends noted how much peace fishing gave Stewart through his…

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    Time forgot this place. We haven’t.

    Why folks at Trout Unlimited care so much about a shad fishery up the road from the Washington monument Everyone has a special place.    When I was going to high school in Jersey City, one of mine was the abandoned docks below the Hoboken train station. To get there, I had to sneak past darkened…

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    Mastering the March Brown hatch

    Two men look at river

    A son catches his first trout on a fly rod, and a father fears losing the family fishing crown  My dad, who went to Georgetown on a basketball scholarship, bet my three brothers and I that none of us would be able to beat him one-on-one before we were 16. I beat him at 15. …

  • From the President Veterans

    Returning Thanks

    Man in river gets fish into net while his old friend watches

    During the Beaver Creek Invitational, veterans understand the therapeutic nature of rivers.   “There is always something therapeutic about being on the water. The river is so beautiful, catching fish becomes a bonus. The amount of support and love given to us veterans is truly amazing. I’m grateful for all the time and energy given by…