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    The Last Score

    Memories of a generous father Dad rubbed his hands as he often did when making a deal. The guy running the estate sale wanted $600 for three paintings. “I looked it up on the internet. You can check yourself. They are worth twice that!” Dad said, “I will give you $200 for the two 12”…

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    Boys Becoming Men

    Measuring the passing of time during a week in Canada

    Three young men fishing from a dock with a big, beautiful, calm lake in the background

    Measuring the passing of time during a week in Canada. For a few months longer, until Wylie turns 20, I will have three teenage sons in the house.  Three sons It is a magical time in their lives, and for me, too, watching the slow but blindingly fast transition from boys to men. I am…

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    How to bring a river back from the dead

    A narrow river in the woods

    One chapter’s handiwork (literally) has salter brook trout returning to a famous creek The Quashnet is a five-mile prayer of a river that flows into Waquoit Bay in Cape Cod, Mass. Fishing the river is like walking in a verdant tunnel, as wide as a fly rod is long in many sections. Willows and other…

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    As Zen and Cool as it gets

    A rod in action casting

    The outsize conservation legacy of a garage bamboo rod builder.   Bill Lamberson started making his first bamboo rod in 1981. He didn’t finish it until 1998.   Now, from his garage-shop in Columbia, Missouri, he makes about one bamboo rod per month.   Bill Lamberson fishing bamboo with success - Photo courtesy of Noppadol Paothong, Missouri Department…

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    Be well. Fish on.

    When this group gets together, it’s much more than a fishing trip.

    Three men stand by a river looking at the same thing

    "Be well. Fish on." Stewart Brown wrote those words with his finger on the rear window of a friend’s dusty pick-up after a day of fishing in Colorado. It was three days before he would go into surgery for brain cancer. A few of his friends noted how much peace fishing gave Stewart through his…

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    Time forgot this place. We haven’t.

    Why folks at Trout Unlimited care so much about a shad fishery up the road from the Washington monument Everyone has a special place.    When I was going to high school in Jersey City, one of mine was the abandoned docks below the Hoboken train station. To get there, I had to sneak past darkened…