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    Video spotlight: Convergence

    My friend Travis Swartz is a pretty good fly fisherman, contrary to beliefs of many, who know him only as world-renowned fly fishing guide and culinary school graduate Hank Patterson. Travis is Boise filmmaker, and the mind behind the kitschy and ever-popular Hank Patterson videos that poke fun at guides, clients and, well, fly fishers…

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    Video spotlight: Headwaters Haven

    My driveway looks like a high-mountain pass this morning. I pushed and tossed fresh powder for about an hour, and was grateful when a neighbor showed up to help clear the last quarter of the pavement with his snowblower. But I'm dug out, and my head is anywhere there isn't snow. I'm good and ready…

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    Video spotlight: Yakutia

    Jako Lucas has been fly fishing the world and making movies about it for some time now, but his latest effort about the massive fish of Yakutia might be one for the ages. The region most folks only know exists on the playing map of the boardgame "Risk," is plenty fishy, as you'll see in…