By Dave Atcheson

The Kenai Peninsula Trout Unlimited Chapter recently held its annual fundraiser, hosting the International Fly Fishing Film Fest, and holding a silent auction, which contained a wide array of fly rods, gear and assorted trips.

The highlight of the evening for many, however, was the release of a local beer, Two-Timing Trout Ale, brewed especially for the event by Kenai River Brewing, a very popular local brewery. It was the first beer developed and crafted solely by assistant brewer Ben Weagraff and was a resounding hit, along with the entire event. The brewery not only donated all proceeds on the sale of the beer but made an additional donation of $500.00 to the local chapter.

All tolled, the chapter raised over $5,000 in support of their efforts to promote restoration, education, and outreach initiatives, and in the process everyone who attended had wonderful time.  

By Trout Unlimited Staff.