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Douglas Outdoors: Born on the Salmon River

The Salmon River in upstate New York offers anglers world class multi-species fly fishing opportunities, and Pulaski, N.Y., is the epicenter of this legendary fishing destination. 

The Barclay family has lived on this river since 1806, and they have a special connection to their home water. For Douglas Outdoors founder David Barclay, growing up on the Salmon River instilled a deep love and passion for the area and provided a reason to follow his dream of creating a local upstate New York business that would offer high-quality fishing equipment and could provide jobs for the local communities.   

Driven by family values and an incredibly strong work ethic, Douglas Outdoors was founded on one guiding principle: making the fishing experience better for every angler. This includes high quality equipment and family-style customer care, in addition to offering some of the best equipment on the market. Experience, passion and hard work by a small but dedicated team has built Douglas into a much-loved and respected brand. With five fly rod series and one of the deepest conventional rod lineups on the market today, Douglas has made great strides in establishing itself as an industry leader.  

Each rod goes through a painstaking design process, utilizing innovative materials and the best components available. Each rod in every series is developed individually for specific situations, species and fishing techniques. Douglas senior rod designer Fred Contaoi considers each material, action, and function to make each model the most efficient, effective and a joy to use. At Douglas Outdoors, they don’t believe in shortcuts. Offering some of the lightest swing weights on the market, with incredible sensitivity and strength Douglas rods are a great fit for any fly angler.

Consider the Douglas SKY G, their top of the line rod. The first thing you notice about this rod is its weight — or rather its absence of weight. I handle a lot of rods, and this 9-foot, 5-weight was light enough to make me wonder if it could handle big flies, high winds and long casts. I needn’t have wondered. The second thing I noticed was the power and presentation. Anyone who’s ever watched me fish knows that I’m a big fan of powerful rods, sometimes to the point of fairly sloppy delivery. The SKY G had my back here. I found that I was casting farther than I do with rods that cost more, but putting the fly down with much more grace. If a rod can help me overcome my own weaknesses, I’m an immediate fan.

Douglas Outdoors

David Barclay

Phoenix, NY 13135
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