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Hank Patterson's Schwag-a-thon giveaway today

The first-ever Hank Patterson’s Schwag-a-thon giveaway to support independent fly shops and guides around the country during the coronavirus pandemic is today at 6:30 p.m. MT.

Over the last several months, anglers who spent at least $100 at a local, independent fly shop, or who booked guide trips through those shops, have been sending receipts to Hank Patterson. For every $100 spent, anglers received an entry into the Schwag-a-thon, which happens live on YouTube this evening.

What’s on the line for anglers who have chosen to help out local fly fishing retailers? Plenty, including guided trips, an Abel fly reel, an Orvis fly rod and, in the “Hank” spirit, a pack-in, pack-out riverside toilet. Also, the lucky angler will get a free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited (if she or he is already a member, they can give that membership to anyone they choose), and a copy of “Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout: A Fly Fishing History and Guide,” by TU’s own Chris Hunt.

If you’ve been spending money at your local fly shop, first, thank you. Second, hopefully you’ve been saving your receipts and sending them to Hank. You could be the recipient of some really great “schwag.”