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TU starts public lands gear and knowledge swap via Facebook group

15 APR 2015: Sage Rods and Trout Unlimited life members on Sandie Creek in Webster, NY.

Are you or your family in need of gear to better use and enjoy our public lands?  

Are you looking to get rid of gear that’s collecting dust?  

Are you new to fishing and could use a tip?  

This is the group for you.  

Use this page as an opportunity to give and receive, share, lend and express gratitude through the Trout Unlimited network. The structure will be based on the “Buy Nothing Project” model, which seeks to build community through hyper-local gift economies. 

How it works:  

  • Gift: Post anything in this group useful for fishing or exploring public lands that you’d like to give away, lend or share with this community. These posts should start with “Gift:    ” 
    • We encourage you to post a picture of your gift along with the post 
    • Please note your location and whether or not you are willing to ship the item 
    • NOTE: Firearms are not allowed to be gifted or requested in this group, per Facebook’s community standards. 
  • Ask: Create a post requesting anything you’d like to receive for free or borrow — be it gear you’re in need of, a river you need help navigating, or a tip. These posts should start with “Ask:     ” 
  • Share: Express gratitude. Show your gift in action and say thanks. These posts should start with “Gratitude:    ” 
  • Comment on others’ posts in the group to request a gift they are offering in their post (share why you want it) or to let someone know you have an item you’re willing to gift or lend that they have requested in their post. 
    • To make an “ask” request anonymously, email Lisa at and she will post for you! 
    • Be aware. We ask that people be aware that gear and access to gear is a major limitation for some to enter the great outdoors and this is our attempt to minimize that barrier. So if you want something, pause and reflect on if it is something you might otherwise be able to purchase, from say a small business, and let someone else who might be in a different financial position, have at it first.  
  • Once you find someone to give to or receive from in the comments section of a post, please coordinate outside of the group by sending a direct message.  
    • Shipping or arranging a hand-off is between you, and is completely separate from this group. The gifter and receiver can decide together if $ will be exchanged for shipping once the conversation is initiated outside of the group. 
    • Please do not direct message someone about a gift unless they have commented back to you giving permission to do so. 
    • Please consider COVID safety if you drop-off/pick-up in person. We strongly recommend porch pick-ups, masks, and social distancing. 


  • Gifts and asks must be items, gear or information related to the exploration, access and enjoyment of public lands.  
  • There is no buying or selling, no trades or bartering, no soliciting for cash other than an optional exchange of $ for shipping costs, which must be arranged on your own. 
  • We will be bound by Facebook’s definition of Regulated Goods, as well as Facebook’s definition of “Firearm.” 
  • Don’t offer or request anything illegal. Follow all national, regional, and local laws, as well as Facebook’s Community Standards 
  • Trout Unlimited accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, or legal liability that may arise from participation in this group. 
  • There will be no giving or asking for items that endorse or oppose any current political party, candidate, or ballot option.  
  • This group is for members and friends of Trout Unlimited. If you are part of this community, we’d love to have you join us! This is what builds community.  If you are interested in becoming a member of TU, visit  

By Jenny Weis.