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    Hiking the CDT: Friendly firefighters and pine nuts

    We had been walking through a food source without knowing it. The trees around us were pinyon pines, they had little seeds in their cones that were not only edible, but delicious. The fire fighters told us that these seeds sold for more than $30 a pound. This newfound knowledge slowed my walking speed considerably over the last few days. Every 40 feet or so, I would stop and pick some seeds off the trees, eat them, and then pick some more.

    By Henry Strawbridge Editor’s Note: The Strawbridge family from Lakeland, Fla., hiked the length of the Continental Divide Trail – all 3,100 miles of it – from Canada to Mexico. Henry Strawbridge, 14, provided updates of their journey to Trout Unlimited as they passed through the historic range of seven native trout species. You can track the…

  • Community

    Catch the F3T, help a local conservation cause

    The Fly Fishing Film Tour is available for online streaming right now, and if you're interested in catching this year's film offerings, you can buy tickets from an independent screening and help a local conservation cause in the process. So far, the F3T has raised more than $30,000 for local conservation causes via independent screenings.…

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    TU starts public lands gear and knowledge swap via Facebook group

    Are you or your family in need of gear to better use and enjoy our public lands?   Are you looking to get rid of gear that’s collecting dust?   Are you new to fishing and could use a tip?   This is the group for you.   Use this page as an opportunity to give and receive, share, lend and express gratitude through the Trout Unlimited network. The…