A good father-daughter story always gets me. As any dad who has a daughter will tell you, there’s no relationship quite like it.

My own daughter is her own version of the best of me—and I don’t pretend that I’m responsible for the amazing young adult she’s become. But I do like to think that our time spent together fishing has helped shape who she is … and who she will be.

The short Orvis film above is the perfect tribute to dads who have daughters everywhere. It’s touching. It’s sweet. It annunciates the unique bond between fathers and daughters, and reminds us that, no matter how old they get, they’ll always look to their dad and remember the times we had together.

I know Father’s Day is still a few weeks away, but it’s always a good reminder for you dads out there—particularly if your daughters are all grown up and forging their own path—to remember the days when the simple things, like coaching her to her first trout, are now among the most important things in your lives together.

And for you daughters, remember this: Dad loves you and wants the best for you. Always.