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MothBear Outfitters

One of the best parts of my job at Trout Unlimited is working with young, emerging companies. Typically start-ups owned and managed by young people, these companies are making the fly-fishing business exciting. Often, they see conservation as an integral part of the business from the outset. Making good is part of the business plan, to be sure. But doing good is just as important, and it’s built into the DNA of the company and the people. That’s what drives Tylor Witulski and the crew at MothBear Outfitters in Alpena, MI.

After years of fly-fishing and enjoying the outdoors, they realized it was time to begin a long sought after goal of developing innovative products for people who shared their passion. And in doing so, they wanted to improve the experience that other fly anglers and adventure seekers have will enjoying their time in the wild. Their mission was to provide quality products at affordable prices, but their quest was to make the world a better place for people and fish alike.

Check them out. You’ll find a great selection of awesome products, everything from fine art to apparel and gear to fine coffee. We’ll talk more about that coffee in a minute. I’m a big fan of big flies. Part of that is because my angling skill set is more about chuck and duck than it is about landing that classic dry in a perfect presentation. But part of it is also that big fish in my home water like big meat. Their mouse flies and articulated streamers fit the bill perfectly. You’ll also see some pretty cool shirts and hats. Spoiler alert: This is not the land of $70 hats and $50 t-shirts. This is cool stuff at a reasonable price.

But let’s talk coffee. Everyone knows how important that is. If you’re going to be out there burning the midnight oil at both ends to catch that big one, you need fuel. And MothBear has your back. Check out their Trout Kamp Coffee. In fact, do more that look at it – buy some. A portion of every sale of Trout Kamp comes back to Trout Unlimited to support projects in the Great Lakes region, including efforts to control invasive species that pose a threat to trout and trout habitat.

MothBear Outfitters is a proud TU Business member.

MothBear Outfitters

Tylor Witulski

Alpena, MI 49707

(989) 884-3288