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TU Business: onWater

You can’t swing a fly these days without hooking someone with a new fishing app. And that’s a good thing. Information gets shared digitally in the year 2022, and the more information we have to make decisions as anglers, the more fun we’ll have. And it the end it’s all about having fun and conserving the resources.

Our friends at onWater recognized this from the start. They’ll tell you right up front that their mission is to provide modern technology to enhance your fly-fishing experience, to work with and inspire the vast community of fly-fishing participants, and to protect our fish and the habitat they depend upon. I like that in a company. And I like this company. 

Their platform takes a vast array of different resources and consolidates them into a simple, intuitive and personalized app to help you learn, plan, manage and enhance your fishing experience. For example, when I open the app and search for one of my favorite waters (you don’t really think I’m going to tell you where, do you?) I get a host of information. I learn about fish density. I learn about access points. I learn about facilities like restrooms and campsites. I can open a map that shows me all the above and more.

The app also connects me with local fly shops, guides and outfitters. It gives me a summary of pertinent regulations for fishing in this area including information on buying a license and a summary of stream access laws and regulations for this state. It even connects me with shuttle services to reconnect my boat and me with my vehicle at the end of the day.

But that’s only the beginning. The onWater team sees conservation as part of their business model. It’s a core value that runs through everything they do. From contributing a portion of their revenue to their conservation partners like Trout Unlimited to supporting specific events and activities or simply promoting ethical fishing in their content, these folks always have an eye toward protecting fish and fishing. They see giving back as a personal and corporate responsibility.

It’s no wonder they are the way they are. They’re veteran fly-fishing professionals with way over a century’s worth of experience on the water. They’re passionate about fishing and optimistic about the future. And they’ve got connections in every niche of the fly-fishing world from professional outfitters, lodge and fly shop owners, fly fishing instructors and authors. They’re an integral part of the angling community and the fly fishing industry.

Check out onWater, a proud TU Business member.