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TU Business: Sweetwater Fly Shop

Moxie and Mabel would be delighted to welcome you to Sweetwater Fly Shop

They don’t call it Paradise Valley for nothing. The Yellowstone River makes its way from the base of Two Ocean Pass in Wyoming, through Yellowstone National Park and into Montana. The Yellowstone is the longest undammed river in the lower 48. Once it leaves the park, it makes its way through Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, Mont.

No valley was ever more aptly named. And right at the mouth of Paradise Valley, on the very banks of the river, is Sweetwater Fly Shop.

Dan Gigone and Diane Early are the owners here, and they run a great business. Dan is a licensed Montana outfitter, and their guide staff is second to none. If you want to book a trip on a host of different waters in this part of Montana, look no further. They fish the Yellowstone—naturally. But they also fish the local spring creeks like DePuy’s and Armstrong’s. They fish the Boulder River and the Stillwater River. They fish in Yellowstone National Park. One thing that sets them apart is their willingness and expertise to take you fishing even when the rivers are blown out in the spring. At Sweetwater Fly Shop, there’s always a great place to fish.

But unless you’ve been off the planet for a while, you probably know that the residents and businesses of Gardiner, Emigrant, and Livingston—great little communities and great, generous people—have been through hell lately. The catastrophic floods recently had a devastating effect on everyone here. But the Sweetwater Fly Shop lives on and gives on.

The devastating flood has been a challenge, but Dan is philosophical about it. “A lot of folks are worse off than us, and it’ll be the people that need it most who will be hurt the most by a decrease in tourism revenue,” he explained. “Donations to the Park County Community Foundation and/or the Guide Relief Program are much appreciated, especially if you’ve had to cancel your trip to the area.”

At Sweetwater Fly Shop, they’re booking guided trips, but the foot traffic just is not what it usually is this time of year. With the north entrance of the park closed in Gardiner, businesses from Livingston to Gardiner are feeling the crunch and will through the summer. We are encouraging visitors to Livingston, Bozeman, and beyond to drive through Paradise Valley and support the shops, businesses, restaurants, and more. 

If you’re considering a trip to Yellowstone or to the Livingston, Emigrant, and Gardiner area, by all means do not cancel it. Sweetwater Fly Shop is open and ready to serve you. If you just want to come by and talk fishing and learn about one of the most beautiful places on earth, Sweetwater Fly Shop is the place. Come on in or check them out online.

They’re the real deal, and they deserve your support. They’re a great TU Business member.

Sweetwater Fly Shop

Dan Gigone

Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-9393