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    Simms wader sales benefit Yellowstone

    Wader sales that give back will help raise money for ecosystem restoration after devastating floods Who ever heard of a pair of waders that gives back? No, I’m not talking about the gift of perpetual dry feet and legs, though you know that is a gift if you’ve ever witnessed the reaction of someone stepping…

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    TU Business: Sweetwater Fly Shop

    Dan Gigone and Diane Early are the owners here, and they run a great business. Dan is a licensed Montana outfitter, and their guide staff is second to none. If you want to book a trip on a host of different waters in this part of Montana, look no further.

    They don’t call it Paradise Valley for nothing. The Yellowstone River makes its way from the base of Two Ocean Pass in Wyoming, through Yellowstone National Park and into Montana. The Yellowstone is the longest undammed river in the lower 48. Once it leaves the park, it makes its way through Paradise Valley, south of…