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We are TU: Mario Guel

All images courtesty of Mario Guel

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Mario recently stepped up to join the California Council’s diversity committee and is an ambassador for Brown Folks Fishing. In between fishing, guiding, mountain biking – he’s working hard to break down barriers to the sport of fly fishing and participating in conservation. We’re excited to introduce him to you today.

In keeping with our ongoing equity practice, the “We are TU” series is focusing more directly on the need to foster a more equitable, diverse and inclusive fishing and conservation community. We have updated the questions as such. Mario was willing to give us his perspective on his history with fly fishing and conservation, as well as how the lack of diversity in those fields has impacted him. We are grateful for his willingness to share his perspectives on these topics, as well for as his time and talents! If we are to protect, conserve and restore our rivers and streams, we will need all voices at the table and all hands on deck.

Introducing Mario Guel (@tacoflyco) in Quincy, CA

For Mario’s episode, we did a live conversation, which you can listen to here:

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By Jenny Weis.