The Thalweg: Already Dreaming of Summer

Or at the very least Spring…

Here on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains it seems as if Winter has not yet arrived.

We’ve had precious little moisture and my last float was incredibly just a few weeks ago.  The dory is now finally wrapped for the Winter, and the rafts are put away too.  Thankfully the mountains have been getting pounded with frozen liquid much of the past week and once dire snowpacks are rebounding somewhat.

 It’s always about this time of year when I get my first yearning for Spring and Summer, but am reminded Winter literally just started a few days ago.  So what do I do?  I typically look back at images of warmer times in years past and daydream about runoff, glassy dry fly slicks, and lazy barefoot sections of river in my boat.  I figured why not share a little escape with you all this year.  So… here you are. Twelve images that instantly bring me back to boats, rivers, and of course fishing. I hope you agree. Enjoy!

By Tim Romano.