An ode to the Louisiana marsh and the flats skiff

For most folks in the Northern Hemisphere, trout fishing has been tough these past few months. Our favorite fish is locked away under sheets of ice or stuck to the bottom of deep-bottomed pools in sluggish rivers. Luckily for me I was introduced to the Louisiana marsh almost 20 years ago by none other than Kirk Deeter. I have been privileged enough to visit almost every winter and did so just a few weeks ago. The reason? To chase the big bull redfish that inhabit this special area. 

What I’ve realized over the years, though, is that while I’m totally in love with those fish and the act of fishing, I’ve almost come to love ripping around on a little flats skiff just as much. The Louisiana Marsh is a starkly beautiful place, a special place. A place I could stare at all day and photograph.

Should you ever have the opportunity to go and fish it I suggest you take it. I also suggest you pop in a pair of earbuds and listen to your favorite tunes as you rip across the water.  

Here’s a dozen photos from our trip in February. A little nod to the place and the specialized boats that can get you around there.