Keep ice for drinks all week long with this tip

2014 OCT 14: The 30 year reunion of Tom Pero and Jerry Meyers' Salmon River trip.

Summer river trips, particularly in the desert southwest where our family and friends enjoy playing, can be scorching hot. Sometimes so hot that all you can do to escape is dunk yourself into the 50 degree water passing by your boat to cool off.

However, my mind tends to wander directly to iced beverages and deserts.

Iced coffee, ice cream and popsicles. But most of all it’s that end of the day cocktail I’m craving.

I’m not particular about my adult beverages. Anything will generally do but it has to have one ingredient. Ice. After all, what’s a good cocktail without ice?

The most wonderful thing about river trips with new friends is learning their techniques. One I was gifted once was the technique, or artform rather, of keeping proper cocktail ice on long, hot river trips.

Enter the Yeti One Gallon Jug. Generally, I’m not a big product pusher but when it comes to this one, I’ll rant all day long. Yes, they’re pricey but if you wait for the right seasonal sales, they’re a lot less expensive than a separate cooler.

Two days prior to any river trip I stick the jug into the refrigerator to cool it down. On the day of departure, I load it full of ice only. Each night when camp has been set and the kids are off playing the perfect ice awaits us all.

That’s it. Nothing complex but trust me it’s become a mainstay in our packing.

By Josh Duplechian.