Fishing Trout Tips Video spotlight

Fasten, buckle and clear

As fly fishers, most of us are gear junkies. We like the latest gadgets and we like to use things like sling packs, hip packs, chest packs … whatever it takes to bring everything we need (or think we need) to the water.

But all that gear can get in the way. It can get in the way of out casting, and it can get in the way, tragically, when we’re hooking and fighting trout.

Above, RIO Products’ Wayne Peterson gives us perhaps the simplest advice possible when we’ve got lots of … accoutrements … hanging from our packs, vests or waders. Buckle the wading belt. Fasten the fasteners. Tuck the hemos into your waders. Slide the sling pack behind you. Get everything out of the way.

The less you have in the way, the better your chances are at a good cast. And a good fish.